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Spirometry (Download PDF)
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) (Download PDF)
What Is COPD? (Download PDF)
Smoking and COPD (Download PDF)
How COPD Is Diagnosed and Treated? (Download PDF)
6 Tips For Talking To Loved Ones (Download PDF)
Impact of Smoking (Download PDF)
When Smokers Quit (Download PDF)
Getting Smoke Free (Download PDF)
Asthma (Download PDF)
Controlling Asthma (Download PDF)
Nutrition Tips for Someone with COPD (Download PDF)
Navigating Lung Cancer 360° of Hope ALCF Patient Handbook (Download PDF)

Information on Sleep:

Other Resources:

Lung Cancer Resources
American College of Chest Physcians (ACCP)
Society of Critcial Care Medicine
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
American Thoracic Society